Who We Are

KMA Advocates provides legal representation across a wide range of practice areas that are critical to the success of our clients. We practice at the very top of the legal profession in Uganda and offer a cutting-edge blend of capabilities that enables us to handle deals & cases of any size.

We Are A Dynamic Firm

A dynamic firm whose Partners have been in Commercial and other fields of legal practice in Uganda for over 20 years. Out of this experience, we have built the necessary competencies and high levels efficiency with integrity.

We are a law firm of four (4) Partners, Associate Partners, Associate Advocates, Legal Assistants as well as a support staff team in our Accounts, Secretarial and Postage/Delivery departments. 

In Your Best Interests

Today, businesses face greater scrutiny and more complex issues than ever before. 

With a practice unsurpassed in depth and scope by any other noteworthy firm in our league, we have the ability to foresee obstacles, seize opportunities and get the case resolved or the deal done and the experience and know-how to prevent it from being undone.

Tested Experience

At KMA Advocates, we are primarily a Commercial law firm, with tested experience in diverse fields of Commercial Law and Practice including Banking & Securities, Corporate law and governance, Taxation & Arbitration,  Intellectual Property law, Litigation, among others.

Our Location

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Open 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday
Plot 10 Hanlon Road,
Off Salmon Rise, Bugolobi, Kampala
Contact us at info@kma.co.ug

Our Guiding Principles

Commitment To Quality

Commitment To Quality

We are committed

At KMA Advocates, we are committed to providing consistent top-notch legal services, as nothing else will suffice for the exigent matters our clients present to us. Clients come to us because of our well-merited reputation for outstanding service delivered promptly and with integrity.

Direct Involvement of Partners

Our partners direct involvement is the best assurance that our work on every project will be of the quality our clients have come to expect of us.

Trusted business advisors

To KMA, "client service" is more than providing unequalled legal service and being responsive to our clients' business needs. Our objective is to become trusted business advisors that clients can depend on, now and in the future.

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Client Service

Client Service

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurial Spirit


The globalization of the economy, the advent of the Internet, and the overwhelming importance of technology and intellectual property have transformed our lives.

We operate much like our clients

At KMA Advocates, we operate much like our clients, using fresh and inventive approaches and benefiting from the collaborative strength of multi-disciplinary teams.

Value for excellence

At KMA Advocates we believe the best results are achieved by drawing on the exceptional talents and varied experience of all of our lawyers. We enjoy working hard together as team - we value excellence and our reward is loyal clients who recognize the difference that results from our dedication.

Collaboration And Collegiality

Collaboration And Collegiality

Public Service

Public Service

Writing and speaking on legal issues

We also urge our lawyers to write and speak on legal issues and to participate in the affairs of their larger communities.

A special obligation

Lawyers have special obligations to the administration of justice and the development of the law. Therefore, our lawyers are encouraged to meet these obligations through pro bono work, government service, service to the bar, and teaching.

From diverse backgrounds

The livelihood of the firm is the recruitment of exceptionally talented lawyers. Lawyers are hired from diverse backgrounds but with the common trait of outstanding academic and personal achievements.

Training & support

We then seek to make the most of their talents by giving them the training, support, and challenging opportunities they need to become accomplished lawyers of the first rank.

Our Partners

Herbert K. Mugerwa
Managing Partner

Fee Arrangements

Our fees are regulated by the Advocates Remuneration and Taxation of Costs Rules 1996 and are payable on instructions or on demand thereafter. Where permissible by the said rules or appropriate, we negotiate and agree with the client on the formulation of a fee structure.

We are committed to the use of alternative fee structures/arrangements (AFAs)

This has encouraged our partners to find opportunities to engage in AFAs as a means to provide predictable costs to our clients, reduce billing complexities and align the cost and value of our legal services.

Although our experience is that some matters are more suitable for AFAs than others, we are willing to consider alternative billing methodologies for most matters. By definition, AFAs achieve cost savings for the client and the firm, the specifications regarding the work to be done need to be clear.

We currently have AFAs in place in our Intellectual Property, Transactional and Litigation Departments. These arrangements, detailed below, may be for the life of the matter, for a phase of a particular matter or monthly based on an annual fixed amount

Fixed Fee

Under a fixed-fee arrangement, the client pays an agreed-upon sum of money for an agreed-upon amount of work and the firm assumes the risk of overruns. Shared savings can be negotiated into the flat fee. Retainers are similar to fixed fees, except the firm receives the money upfront.
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Phased Fee

In a phased-fee arrangement, the law firm and the client agree upon the fees for separate phases of the work.
This type of arrangement works well for Litigation and Transactional matters with defined segments that can be estimated and scope of work well delineated.
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Value Fee

The law firm might be paid a fraction of its fee under an hourly arrangement and an additional amount if the result exceeds the agreed-upon criteria.
The law firm is also negatively affected by an unfavorable outcome, but does not assume the entire risk.
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Structured Payment

Under the structured arrangement, the client withholds an agreed-upon amount or percentage of the fee until an agreed-upon milestone is achieved, or until completion of the engagement.
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AFAs are the wave of the future

Currently we have AFAs in place in our Intellectual Property, Transactional and Litigation Departments. These arrangements, detailed below, may be for the life of the matter, for a phase of a particular matter or monthly based on an annual fixed amount

Sums incurred by ourselves on your behalf such as stamp duty, search fees, agents fees and all other disbursements will be chargeable in addition to professional fees, as will expenses incurred in faxes, couriers, telephone calls and copying.

Quotation and estimates include Value Added Tax as required by the law. Any estimates of costs are given for guidance only on the basis of information available to us and are not to be regarded as quotations. Contact us to explore our fee options.